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Hard Shell is a trusted and reliable manufacturer of Ballistic Products with exceptional expertise in dealing with complex challenges. At Hard Shell, we adhere to well-established quality management and product design principles. This allows our body armour products to set a new quality and performance benchmark in the industry.


We offer a wide collection of body armour featuring in a variety of designs. Our unique design for each model comes with a set of benefits that meet the variable needs of our customers. We offer solutions to a wide variety of customer requirements ranging from robust tactical vests with camouflage print to discreet ballistic undervests that can be worn underneath a suit.

Triumph Range

Trailblazer Range

Gallant Range

Plate Carriers

Neptune Range


Hard Shell products offer the best defence against tough situations owing to its suitable and high-performance products. Our body armours are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be a comfortable fit to the wearer ensuring adequate protection from different threat levels even at a close range. This increases the wearer’s chances of survival in any combat situations or armed confrontations.

 With the use of high-quality materials, Hard Shell manufactures superior quality bulletproof vests that provide the most robust protection to our customers.

 We offer a range of body armours depending on their intended application and area of coverage. The Hard Shell full-body Armor protects the neck, shoulder, arms, and groin etc, while our concealable armors are designed for VIPs and executives who need discreet protection. Our Soft armors are made with modern, high-strength and flexible ballistic materials and can be used in conjunction with plate carriers, tactical vests, military vests, multi-purpose vests or special vest worn by law enforcement personal, security personnel, police, swat forces, special operation officers etc. We offer male and female vests as well as bespoke vests in a wide range of colours and designs.

 Our body armor is engineered with the finest and tested materials available from around the world. We develop our vests with superior engineering and ergonomics to make them comfortable for extended wear.

 Our bullet-resistant and stab-protection vests offer protection against threat levels meeting the latest US body armor standards and are regularly tested in NIJ accredited international ballistic laboratories. We supply our custom-made ballistic solutions to customers all over the world from police services and defence departments to private security companies.


Bullet Resistant Vest

A bulletproof vest is designed to capture a projectile, and provides protection against Level III-A- 9mm and .44 mag and by default it’s NOT stab proof as it’s an additional and you need to mention it specifically if it’s required. Also, If the vest is bullet and stab proof it will be described on the label of the vest.
You must NEVER buy a used bulletproof vest, or stab proof vest. You never know what the vest has been exposed to, and there is also no guarantee that the vest works.
Generally bulletproof vest has a predetermined life expectancy of 5 years. But there are several factors that come into play. The NIJ has conducted a study which shows that factors such as: How much has the vest been used - How has it been maintained – If the vest has fit properly (most people lose/gain weight over the years) - and whether it is generally worn down, what the straps look like, who has worn it. So keep all the above factors in mind one can decide the condition of Vest.
It is not illegal to buy a bulletproof or stab proof, but one need to check with their own country if it is legal to wear or if there are any restrictions.
Hard Shell manufactures high quality bulletproof vest a as per NIJ standards. The vests offers not only comfort but safety and all of the features at an unbeatable price. Hard Shell Vest is one of the best value in bulletproof vests.
The Standard vest size available is: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. However it can be customised as per customer’s requirement.
Please refer to the sizing/measurement instructions for required item available on our website. For the best fit, please order your true size. Still, If you have any questions or concerns with sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our vest is made with flexible, good quality fabric that is ideal for even the warmest weather. Please keep in mind that the concealability depends on body type, clothing material, and properly fitted body armor.
A bullet proof vest is as default designed to stop bullets, and not stab or spike instruments. For a bullet proof vest to be stab proof as well, it needs to be able to stop the lowest stab resistant level, which for both HOSDB and NIJ is 24 (E1)/36(E2) joules from a engineered blade.
Yes, as per your requirement and depending on Threat Perception oce can use the side plates as well, standard size of side plate offered by Hrad Shell is 6”x8”
Covert body armor means that the vest is designed to be concealable and vice versa overt body armor that the bullet proof vest is made to be worn above clothing.